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Halloween Ghost Jars

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Since Halloween and crafts go hand and hand, I always look forward to the holiday and whatever DIY family project we choose to create to add to our Halloween Decor. This ghost jar is so versatile and can be used for so many things! Personally, I like to put a tea light candle in the bottom of the jar. Harper loves when the ghost jar is lit up.

While staying at home as much as possible during COVID-19, we are always thinking of fun projects to keep our little girl entertained. Creating DIY projects from things you would normally throw away has been a new experience for us and we are loving every minute of it. Harper can look at an item and say, "Mommy what if we made ____ out of it?". She takes pride in the fact we are recycling what most would throw away and turning the recyclables into fun new items.

My favorite part about this project was that we had all of the supplies on hand and didn't have to buy anything to make this fun idea come to life. Everyone in the family truly enjoyed creating their own expressions for each ghost's face. I mean, who doesn't love making a crazy face?

In this project we used a paintbrush, scissors, a regular glue stick, mod podge, white tissue paper (like for gift bags), black construction paper, and some old mason jars. This project was a quick one, it only took us an hour from start to finish. That hour was mainly filled with lots of laughter and smiles, but most importantly, memories.

  • To start out, you'll need to prep your crafting area by covering it with something you don't mind getting a little messy. (Especially if the little ones are helping.)

  • Place all of your supplies in the designated crafting space.

  • Grab your paintbrush and dip it into the mod podge.

  • Brush your mod podge onto your mason jar, making sure the whole jar is covered.

  • Wrap pieces of the white tissue paper onto the mason jar. There is no rhyme or reason to this, just put pieces of tissue paper on there until it is sufficiently covered and you are happy with the look of the jar. (This might require another layer of mod podge and tissue paper if you want it less opaque and not see through.)

  • While the tissue paper is drying to the mason jar, grab those scissors and start making crazy faces for the ghosts out of the black construction paper. (This was definitely our favorite part!)

  • After your ghost eyes and mouths are cut out, run the glue stick over the back of the cut out piece and place it on the jar. (This can be done with any type of glue you'd like! A glue stick, regular white glue, a hot glue gun, whatever your personal preference is!)

And just like that, (after it dries a few minutes), you are all done! Now you have some new, fun, hand-crafted Halloween decorations!

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