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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Kid’s want accessories for their toys, like mommies want new bags, and while parents are aware that money doesn’t grow on trees... most children haven’t completely grasped that concept. Harper, being the youngest in our family, seems to have the hardest time understanding the above mentioned. So, when she suddenly decides that all her barn animals need blankets, due to an impending snow storm...I didn’t jump in the car to go buy them. Instead I looked around for a quick and easy way to make some. Since paper-towels

are always at hand, I grabbed a few more items and went to work making Harps some little blankets for her babies.

Listed below you’ll find a list of the other supplies you’ll need to whip up your own blankets.

Remember, always buy children’s scissors and have fun making these little treasures with your special little someone. These are the memories you want your children to remember:)

You’ll Need:

!. Paper Towels



5. Cotton balls for ‘stuffing'

6. Elmer’s Glue (for those with patient kids)

7. Hot Glue Gun (for those without patient kids)

Pictured Below: Examples of barn accessories we planned out. Should you be interested in details, just sent me a request, and I’ll gladly share the information.

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