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Swish & Flick

Updated: Aug 13

This project is proof that a little imagination coupled with my soon to be famous, "Glitter infused Modge Podge Paper Mâché formula.” Wow, that was a mouthful, has the power to transform just about anything into a shiny and seemingly new toy.


Still reeling from the success of our newly minted and wildly popular, Disney Princesses ‘GO GREEN’ during the our completely recyclable doll-house which is, I’m happy to report still being played, that the first word out of Harper’s mouth upon seeing the above pictured pile of boxes’s a castle. Actually it was, “Mom I think my toys need a castle.” I agreed with her, of course, and a high-five sealed the deal.


To Start, I hot-glued the more appropriately shaped for a castle boxes together. Using a utility knife, I cut out a ‘draw bridge'

just like the ones in your imagination, when you think of a medieval castle. Then a doorway on the opposite side.

At this point, I wasn’t sure how I would utilize the open space pictured above. Except for the idea that storage is always a good idea.



Harper and I spent 30 minutes here and there for the next couple of days, until I decided one evening to pull an all nighter to finish it up. We were in the midst of quarantine so it wasn’t like we had any big plans for the following day. I made a huge production and did a whole unveiling for Harper’s enjoyment. She of course was thrilled but upon completion I’d taken several steps back and thought that something was missing. The funny is, Harper came to the same conclusion. We looked up medieval castles, and the below pictured image popped up, from there it was easy to see that we needed some battlements.


Once they were cut-out...we papier-mâché them.

Battlements ready to attach, we employed the use of the below pictured Popsicle sticks to secure them in place.

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