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Disney Princesses “GO GREEN’ during the ‘Quarantine'

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

After what seemed like an eternity of playing the lead role in my very own version of 'Ground Hog Day’ courtesy of the quarantine. The girls and I needed something different to do. Fast forward to the decision to start an art project. As an artist whose pretty much covered all the basic, go to’s that every other parent does with their children, I needed to bring something new and exciting to the table. There’s really no better way to reignite a creative spirit than by working with new materials. So, as we were literally swimming in empty juice boxes (with the ability to recyclable being shut down), those juice boxes became the new ‘Material’ and just off the wall enough to spark interest. The following morning, Harper sat down at the table in our playroom/art studio and examined the boxes I’d piled up. I’d really talked up, the new project to be and she wasn’t impressed! That’s when I said, “Okey dokey Harper, all these boxes can be repurposed and turned into anything you want, what do you think we could turn them into?” She definitely wanted to have an answer, but nothing was coming to her. As luck would have it, she’d just gotten these Disney princess finger puppets from her grandmother and hadn’t really found a place for them. As she continued to scan the room for ideas, I saw her eyes fall on those little finger puppets and then she announced that the boxes could be a doll-house for the princesses. So, the Disney finger puppets we're set to have their very own recyclable home, courtesy of a little imagination.

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